Homage to Vincent van Gogh

Today is Vincent van Gogh's birthday.

He was born way back in 1853.

We love Vincent van Gogh around these parts. I don't know what it is that draws me to certain artists more than others but Mr. Van Gogh was the business.

So, my son and fellow art-lover Cyan thought it would be fun to recreate one of van Gogh's  notorious ear-bandage self portraits. Apparently, van Gogh snipped off a piece of his ear in a fit of rage.


Pulling a few random elements we had laying around the house, this is what we came up with.

All three images were taken using the Retro Camera app.

What is your favorite Vincent van Gogh painting? Mine is most definitely A Starry Night, as cliche as that might sound. That painting is absolutely amazing.

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  1. just hung up a framed print of almond branches in bloom in my office and i adore it!


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