Papier mache sculpture--giant cell phone

One of my students did an oral report on Claes Oldenburg, and part of his presentation was this large-scale sculpture of a cell phone.

It wasn't something we did in class, but it was so cool and amazing I thought I should share it with my readers!

They used the simple papier mache instructions from our last project and applied them to this creation, an old school cell phone. I wish I could show you how large the phone actually is--all of my students couldn't keep their hands off of it. This would be a really fun rainy day project to start with your kids. All you'd need is a hair dryer to make the papier mache dry faster, but the possibilities are endless.

If anyone ever creates something amazing and fabulous from the lesson plans on this blog, please feel free to share them with me. I'd love to see how you let your creativity flow!

The artwork above was created by a third grader.

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