New artwork, new banner

I decided to make a new banner for Modern Art 4 Kids. You could say I sort of have a prejudice against computer-generated art. Sure, Photoshop and Illustrator and all those programs are fine and dandy and yes, it takes a great deal of skill and talent to create magic with them but....there is something to be said about art that you make with your hands.

I always encourage my children to draw instead of just making something up on the computer. I feel if they cultivate their drawing skills, then it will only add to their technical skill on the computer.

I was working with some paper the other night and so I decided to make my own Modern Art 4 Kids banner out of cut paper--a collage. It was fun. I love that you can still get the tactile sense of the paper cut and glued onto paper. This is what happens when you buy a huge box of scrapbooking squares on clearance at Michael's for $5.99. Yay, me! It's been screaming at me to open it.

The original artwork is fairly small, around 8 X 11. I wanted to make it small enough to fit on my scanner. So, what do you think of it?

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  1. Good job! Inspires me on my 3rd day of being snowed in...

  2. I love your banner, good job!

  3. Good creativity - Like the new look.

  4. Bold and colorful - I like it!

  5. Did you have any trouble getting the banner to fit right on the blogger banner? It made me CRAZY. Mine is a photo, and I had to get my programming and photoshop savvy college-age son to "make it fit". Now I'm afraid to do any updating of the blog look because if he's not around, who's going to fix my techie problems?

  6. Phyl, yes I had to play around with the original image and resize it a couple of times. Also, you can adjust the width of your entire blog in the Design>>Template Designer>>Adjust Width section. That allowed me to line it up just right.

    I've had to teach myself how to do these things so I don't have to wait for someone else to do them! I used to drive my husband crazy. :-)

    Hope this helps!

  7. Love it!!! Having so much fun looking at all of your fun projects -- makes me wish I was still in my art classroom!!

  8. Just found your blog. I will be sure to add you onto my blog roll. Thanks for all the great ideas.


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