Wayne Theibaud Ice Cream Cones: Repetition

Wayne Thiebaud is an American artist associated with the Pop movement and he was famous for his paintings of cafeteria-style food. He used heavy pigment and lots of repetition in his artwork. I thought it would be fun for my students to draw some whimsical ice cream cones they could create with whatever color they desired.

What you'll need:

Hand out 9 X12 sheets of drawing paper. Make sure everyone has their own pencil and oil pastels. Oil pastels are great because their color is so rich and bright and the consistency is just a giant crayon! Encourage the students to color in their entire drawing, making sure to press down with the oil pastel so that the color is vivid and looks finished. The students can use multiple colors, they can create patterns and outline their backgrounds. Instruct students how to blend with oil pastels. Everyone had fun creating their own flavors and toppings.

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  1. Looks yummy!
    Be prepared too as pressing hard with oil pastel can create little flecks that like to get on clothes, carpets, and don't like to come off tables without a really good scrub!
    (I learned this the hard way.)

  2. The oil pastels come right off hands and tables with a baby wipe. If you have students clean their hands first and then their desks, you can usually get all cleaned up with just one wipe per child!

  3. we love pastels, and this is a cool art lesson/project.

    Perhaps it would be good this afternoon its rainy here.

  4. funart4kids.blogspot.com says...
    These are nice. A friend of mine has a nice example you would LOVE! You will find her on my blog


    under Mrs.Maynardsartroom on the blogs I follow. Check these out...you will be glad.


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