Modigliani: Elongated Portraits

Modigliani: Elongated Portraits for Kids When I lived in East L.A., I would often hang out in South Pasadena. The beautiful Norton Simon Museum of Art is right off of Colorado Blvd. and it was a frequent destination of mine. They have an Amedeo Modigliani in their permanent collection. His elongated portraits of women with deep, soulful colors never ceased to fascinate me.

I knew that I would have to give the students clear instructions on how to lay out their portrait, to give them the look I was going for. This project from Art Projects for Kids had the perfect solution -- measuring out with a ruler!

  • Pass out black Pacon 9 x 12 Construction Paper.
  • Instruct the students to draw their head in the top half of the page, which should be 3/4 down from the top. The chin should be right on the dotted line. This will insure that their portrait has that long quality.
  • Once the children have sketched their head and neck, instruct them to complete all of their features. I gave them the choice of drawing themselves or another person they knew.
  • Give students Pentel Arts Oil Pastels and have them color their portraits until their heart's content.
  • Encourage students to color the background as well, to give it another dimension.
The artwork above was created by a second grader. 

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  1. Cool! We are doing this in art at the moment (I am in the 9th grade)I like Modliglianis style but since I live in England the chances are I'll never see a modligliani painting. Does anyone know why modliglianis paintings had elongated features?


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