Gustav Klimt's "Golden Phase" Collage

Gustav Klimt is one of my favorite artists of all time. I love his decorative, Art Nouveau style. His lush pattern and use of gold leaf made his artwork seem ornamental in nature. But Klimt was a master and what he created took a huge amount of artistic skill.

Drawing inspiration from Klimt's "Golden Phase", which is marked by his use of gold leaf, we attempted our own Adele Bloch-Bauer using an array of mixed mediums. I will admit I got really carried away while I worked on the sample (on the left). It was so much fun using the gold and creating patterns.

This project takes some preparation. I had to scour fashion magazines (finally, a use for all those InStyle mags I have laying around) and cut out images of women's bodies. Then so the children wouldn't giggle uncontrollably (some of the images were very provocative) and spend the entire hour cutting out the shapes, I did a basic cut and ended up with a pile of bodies cut from the waist up. Then I had my helpers give everyone a magazine cut-out as they sat down in their seat. This way there wasn't the chaos of everyone clawing at the one they wanted. I did, however, let them trade with others at their table.

This project was adapted from Art Projects for Kids.

This artwork was done by a 4th grader.

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